Slots Variations

Players can enjoy great gaming action delivered by slot games at both online and land based casinos.  Online and land based casino now offer slot game variations that are similar but the only difference is that with land based casinos you get to insert your dollar notes whereas at online casinos you get to input credits. The concept of playing the slot games is similar – feeding the machine with credits and spinning the reels. In this guide, I will outline the slot variations that you will find at both online and land based casinos.

Classic slots – These are slot games that were popular at many land based casinos. Now people are able to enjoy great gaming action at the comfort of their home by playing classic slots via online. Classic slots have three reels and a max of three paylines. Most classic slot games offer a single payline. Classic slots allow players to wager a max of one coin per line and their jackpot is not very high as compared to other slot variations. These types of slots make use of common symbols such as the single-bar, double-bar, 3-bar, fruits and card symbols. They do not offer game features such as the bonus rounds, free spins and many other gaming functions.

Exclusive slots – These are slot games that are now phasing out the classic slot or the standard 3-reel slot machines. These slot machines have 5-reels and offer more than one payline. Some exclusive slots can offer up to 100 paylines and most exclusive slots are known as multi-line video slot machines. Players are able to wager more than a single coin per line and this is one of the main reasons that have attracted high rollers to play exclusive slots because they offer a very big jackpot that is more than $200,000.

Exclusive slots makes use of several symbols and can offer a wide range of gaming features.  They makes use of wild symbols that replace any other symbol to complete a winning entry and scatter symbols or bonus symbols used to activate bonus features such as free spin bonus rounds and awarding multipliers.

Progressive Jackpot Slots – These are slot games that offer a progressive jackpot. These slots can be enjoyed both at online and land based casinos. Progressive jackpot slots are networked / connected to other slot machines and each time a player wagers a certain amount is added to the progressive jackpot. Players are able to observe the jackpot increase gradually and when triggered it is reset to its initial value.  Progressive jackpots can be added as a gaming feature to slot games and it can be made available on both classic and exclusive slot machines. A slot machine can offer a progressive jackpot as a regular jackpot or random progressive jackpot.

A regular jackpot is triggered by playing on max bet while a random jackpot is triggered anytime during game play.