Classic slots and exclusive slots

Classic slot games are a lot different from exclusive slots. In this guide, I will outline the differences of both classic and exclusive slot games.

Both classic and exclusive slot games make use of the same terminologies such as the wild symbols, multipliers, scatters. The major differences between the two are the number of paylines, jackpots, and bonus rounds.

Classic slot usually makes use of one symbol that represents as the wild and multiplier of the video slot game. A classic slot usually has a few paylines and the max lines that a classic slot can offer is three.

An exclusive video slot game offers a wide range of gaming features. It can offer a top fixed jackpot either as well as a progressive jackpot that can be triggered at random or by playing on max bet.

Exclusive slots offer multi-paylines while classic slots offer a few paylines. The symbols used in exclusive slots may differ form one another depending on the theme of the slot game. Classic slots can makes use of common symbols such as fruits, bars, and cards (king, queen, jack, Ten and nine).

Exclusive slots offer progressive jackpots while classic slots will only offer a fixed top jackpot. Exclusive slots will offer both fixed and progressive jackpots and include other gaming features such as free spins, bonus rounds and stacked wild symbols. Exclusive slots are also known as advanced slot games. These can come in 3D style and offer great sound and graphics.

Exclusive slots offer a very high fixed jackpot than compared to classic slot games. Classic slot games are also known as regular slots and are suitable for penny slot players whereas exclusive slots caters for both penny slot players and high rollers.

Classic slots do not offer bonus rounds. They can offer a bonus round only in the form of free spins.