Are you someone who just began online Poker? Have you been looking for reliable King Poker platforms? Well, you’re not alone. Given Indonesia’s complex regulations on online gambling, many players continue hunting for the right websites.

Today, we’ll take you through the basics of what you ought to know and how to get started. Let’s begin!

Understanding Online Poker

Before we get into the details, it will help us understand what online Poker really is. Simply put, online Poker is when you play the game of Poker through the internet. It’s one of the reasons why Poker is continuously growing in popularity all over the globe. And it’s especially helped players in South-East Asian countries who may not have access to legal casinos or poker clubs.

How online Poker works in Indonesia

When it comes to Indonesia, gambling in any shape or form is prohibited. There are both cultural and religious reasons behind this prohibition. A commonly cited cause is the vast majority of the Islamic population. Since Sharia Law prohibits actions such as alcohol consumption and gambling, Poker is also banned in the country.

However, this has not stopped enthusiasts from getting access to the game. While real casinos are tough to run within the country, online platforms are more accessible. Whether it’s called poker99 or King Poker, many online spaces offer the game to users who are willing to join.

To be fair, even these online platforms aren’t strictly legal. The reason is that the Indonesian government prohibits gambling for both online and live spaces. But even for the government, online websites are more difficult to track and shutdown compared to real casinos. The internet has a lot of alternatives for sustaining these activities. And vendors continually find ways of recreating new spaces and websites.

Also, a loophole that most companies make use of is the issue of hosting. Websites hosted within the country will easily get tracked and blocked. But for websites hosted elsewhere, it’s more difficult for the authorities. They’ll still attempt to block access or make the platforms inaccessible. However, it’s been a thriving industry so far.

How to get started with online Poker

So, online Poker isn’t completely allowed if you live in Indonesia. But there are still alternatives to play your favourite game online. Here are some tips for finding the right places to play Poker online:

  • Go for platforms that offer a variety of games, promotions, referrals, and easy registration. This way, you’ll get access to more options when you start.
  • Carefully go through the registration process. Generally, you’ll have to submit some basic information and credentials which prove that you are a real person.
  • Many platforms will send verification or confirmation codes to your email or phone number. Do not delete these emails. You’ll need it to activate your account and start playing.
  • If the platform offers demos, you can try these demos first before making any payments. Once you start, play responsibly and keep track of your country’s IT laws so that you don’t get into trouble.